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The best tree service company in the Western Cape.

Arboreal expertise meets a passion for trees
We have over 25 years of collective experience working safely and professionally to meet our clients’ individual needs. All our projects are carried out by highly qualified International Society of Arboriculture members, holding full Public Liability Insurance. All of our work conforms to the highest international standards.
A complete arboriculture service for the private and public sectors. Numerous studies have shown that land, when populated with mature, healthy trees, commands a higher perceived value.  Property values increase by roughly 5 to 15% in comparison to properties without trees. They also add to the health, comfort and happiness of all those who live, work or play in their vicinity.
Trees are the centerpiece of any garden. Your garden’s endemic trees help to keep your property cooler in the heat, provide a barrier to noise and wind and attract insects and birds into your garden, enriching the whole local ecosystem. They improve the quality of the air you breathe and even uplift your mood on a daily basis.
The Tree Surgery Group
Professional Tree Removal, Tree shaping, Tree health and maintenance by Cape Town’s leading Tree experts, members of the International Society of Arboriculture with 35 years experience of all aspects of tree work. We operate small teams of an Arborist and 2 Climbers all fully trained and each a genuine tree expert.
Tree planting
Solving problem trees before they’re three stories tall
When planted in the wrong location or soil, trees can go on to cause all sorts of issues a few years down the line. Their root systems can displace paving, crack water pipes or threaten structures; their branches can hang ominously over the roof, or their canopies can stifle the growth of plants and grass below them. It’s much easier to simply plant your trees in the right place, especially in the case of large-scale developments incorporating extensive tree-planting.
Drought services
A dry white season
Drought, such as the conditions South Africa is currently experiencing, can last months or even years, and have a long-term effect on the health and survival of the trees and shrubs on your property. Given the labour-intensive maintenance of severely stressed trees and potential expense of large-scale replacement costs, the best option is a preventative approach that keeps trees healthier and better able to withstand a lack of moisture.
Making trees a part of the plan
The status of trees and their inclusion in planning considerations has increased dramatically in recent years. Local authorities require detailed information regarding integration of trees in design, demolition and construction. We provide the following tree consultancy services:
More services
Dig deeper into the work we do with trees
Whether their leaves just aren't as green as they used to be, you've spotted caterpillars munching foliage or you’ve noticed the development of some unsightly fungus, when you see a problem with a tree or shrub on your property, you want to know the cause — and the best way to treat it.

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